By Andrew
13 March 2023

Need new Vendors or Landlords?

ZAP~POST and Messagemail joined forces to create a tailored Partnership for UK-based Estate Agents.

Create & send short-run Direct Mail campaigns in a few clicks.

What kind of Campaigns can I run?

  • New Buyer Alert - most popular
  • New Seller Alert

Home-mover campaigns also available for Utilities, Trades, Finance and Insurance opportunities.

Especially, the 'New Buyer Alert' is designed to generate new listings for known demand.
Also, whilst you are facing an increase in inbound call volume, consider letting Messagemail handle any overflow.


How to create a Direct Mail campaign


What is ZAP~POST?

It's an app to send low-volume, highly targeted Direct Mail at the lowest possible cost per recipient.
If you need Design help, use ZAP~POST Artwork services.
If you have an existing database, drop it into the app and hit send.
Otherwise, define your requirements and let ZAP~POST obtain the target Electoral Roll dataset for you.  Recipient data costs £80 / 1,000 recipients

Who are Messagemail?

A UK based Professional call-handling operation with over 20 years experience handling overflow calls for Estate Agents and the wider Property sector. The Partnership lead at Messagemail is Simon and can be reached directly via email at 

It's a partnership for your convenience - we work hand-in-glove but if the glove doesn't fit, use just the service you need.

Next Steps

Set up a ZAP~POST trial account online today, or contact us if you've got more questions.  If you want to call, we're online during UK office hours - 020 7504 1250 - ask for Steve.

To set up a Messagemail account, test them out by calling on 020 7692 6789 - ask for Simon.