The latest release from ZAP~POST enables dynamic images, giving brands the ability to personalise every zap, right down to images of products Customers are interested in.

Use cases include:

  • Online Retail:
    • Abandoned basket campaigns
    • Wish list reminders
    • Product price drops

  • Veterinary:
    • Animal breeds

  • Automotive:
    • New car ranges

  • Location based:
    • Nearest store
    • Event locations

When in the app, create a new campaign and either use a template, or start from scratch.  This video shows an Abandoned Basket campaign template.  Set it up, edit fields if you need to, and just give it a name.

In the Designer, draw on the placeholder boxes -  the aspect ratio is always maintained so you can rest easy. Then, simply assign the variable image attributes in the asset drawer.  Don't forget to add a QR code to drive visitors back to the site.

And finally, go ahead and proof the output to make sure your images are rendering as you expect. 

Your campaign is ready to go - now you need to connect up the data source.  Use the APIs to automatically populate the campaign with the recipient and dynamic image data

Feel free to play with the dynamic images feature and feel free to get in touch with any questions or feedback.