Congrats! You've got to the point where you've created content for your campaign.
Now it's time to share it with your audience and bring your Zap campaign to life.

Publishing is easy, but remember this is it!  Your published content will be sent to recipients on the chosen send date, so you're going to be asked to give it a final once-over and sign it off before it's actually published.
Fear not though, you can always change the content of a published campaign - Publishing means you have a 'live' version.

Not all users can see the 'Publish' button.  Your account has to be set as a Content Editor.  Ask your administrator to upgrade your account if need be, or ZAP~POST will do this for you, with permission from your Account administrator.

Publishing Steps

  1. In the Design portal, select your campaign from the left-hand navigation, and hit Publish (top right corner).
  2. In the file browser, pick the saved design you want to use for the front of your Zap.  Hit 'Next'.
  3. In the next window, do the same for the back of your Zap
  4. Now you need to generate a Proof file.  To make it 'real', you need to see your Zaps with actual data: Recipient names, offer codes, addresses, URLs and QR codes.  You have two options:
      1. Use Example data
      2. Use your own data (from recipient data you have previously submitted).
  5. Your done - hit 'Generate Proof' on the next window.
  6. Watch 'Ziggy' busting some shapes whilst your proof is being generated - it'll take a minute or two.  If you can't wait, skip to another tab in your browser but don't close the active tab down. 
  7. Download the Proof and if you're happy, go ahead and Sign your Zap off, or head back to the design portal to tweak some more.
  8. Once you've signed it off, that's it - that's the Zap your recipients will receive until you decide to change the content up.

Happy Zapping!

If, at any time during UK office hours, you need assistance, we're available via chat, email and phone.