By Andrew
12 January 2023

Let your data do the talking!

Gone are the days of huge print runs and bulk mailing campaigns.  ZAP~POST exists to enable you to send daily campaigns based on digital events, actions or inactions.

What this means is that your data is ultimately deciding when you should send a Zap.

And so it should:

Let’s take an obvious example: Birthday Offer Campaign

You want to send your Customers a Birthday offer campaign. Your CRM data is going to determine when the Zap needs to land with the Customer based on their anniversary date. All you need to do is configure the campaign to run say three weeks prior to the anniversary.  Publish your creatives (You may run many different creatives for different genders, cohorts or segments) and connect the data source. The campaign runs every day, selecting Customers with birthdays in (eg) 21 days' time, and automatically send them a ZAP, using the current published Birthday offer campaign creative.

Example:  ‘At risk’ Customer Campaign

Your CRM / CDP platform data determines that a Customer is at risk of lapsing if they have not transacted in the last 6 months. Configure ZAP~POST to send the Customer a zap as soon as the Customer moves into the ‘at risk’ segment.  Learn more about this in Data and Data Sources section.

Example:  Renewal Campaign

Your Customer subscribes to a service or policy which is due for renewal. The same as a Birthday campaign, but this time you have far more data and insight to personalise the content.

Once the data source is connected to ZAP~POST, you can configure your Renewal campaign to send once a week, to all those Customers who are up for renewal in the subsequent [30] days.  When connecting the data source, add unlimited additional attributes to create more tailored & relevant content in your campaigns.

ZAPOLOGY:  Successful Zap campaigns are typically those that are triggered by an event. Small volume, daily or weekly campaigns, routinely sent to Customers when they meet selected criteria, according to your Business Goals, will always have a far higher conversion rate than Henry Ford could have ever enjoyed.