By Will Cowen
15 December 2022

ZAP~POST is a brand of ARC X-media.
ARC X-media has proudly partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects since 2021.

Through this partnership, we have been planting one tree for every 100 Zaps sent.  And, our sister brand,, has been planting a tree for every 65 SMARTSlips dispatched.

Back in 2021, we started life, appropriately, as a 'Seed' partner.
Since then, we progressed to a 'Seedling' and currently, we have reached the dizzy heights of a 'Sapling' partner. Hey, some trees grow quicker than others :).  But what does that really mean?

As at the end of 2022, over 114,551 trees have been planted with a proverbial ARC X badge, and that's thanks to our wonderfully aware customer base.  Every month, every customer is updated with how many trees they have contributed to planting, as a result of working with us, whether that be sending Zaps or dispatching SMARTSlip.


A fully grown tree equates roughly 10,000 pieces of paper on average.

100 Zaps = 1 tree planted, which (eventually) creates 10,000 pieces of paper which, in turn, is enough for another 20,000 Zaps, which will enable the planting of another 200 trees.  In other words, sending Zaps means way more trees are planted than are used.

Tree planting is only part of the story though:  "It takes a village to raise a forest".
From the Eden Reforestation Projects site:

"We work with local communities to restore forests on a massive scale, thereby creating jobs, protecting ecosystems, and helping mitigate climate change."

Whilst 'trees' and climate change might be the headlines, it is the work days, the ecosystem and the regeneration we are especially proud to be a small part of.

Whilst our sustainability efforts through this valued partnership may not be a reason on its own, if you are considering automated direct mail as an additional marketing channel, you will be planting trees as a direct result. Another very good reason to use ZAP~POST for your Automated Direct Mail.