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Custom Preferences

Send personalised zaps to engage your customers based on past purchases, lease and service plan expiries and enquiries that were left in limbo, encouraging them to get in touch.

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New Customer

Welcome valued new customers and alert them to your full range of vehicle models (new and used) and purchasing deals. Extend the new relationship with value added insurance products & supplementary services.

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Events sales & aftersales

Let your CRM connect with ZAP~POST to alert your customers to forthcoming events and/or send confirmation Zaps with revenue generating personalised ads 

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Cross Sell & Up Sell

Timing and relevance is key to both your campaign success and appreciative customers. Cross-category campaigns and in-category upsell deliver high conversion metrics. 




your design

Choose from a selection of bespoke templates, then customise the design to suit your brand by adding images and variables. ZAP-POST uses customer data to personalise everything from the recipient name to event dates and event or location specific imagery to unique offers and QR codes. You can even A/B test two designs to see which one performs best.


We’ll do
the Zapping

Set your budget and we’ll do the rest. Whenever a campaign is triggered, we print and post a zap on premium paper within 2-3 days. Because we print-on-demand, you can keep the messaging fresh and change the content as often as you like, plus you’ll never be sitting on a single piece of print that’s out of date. 


Connect to your customer data

ZAP-POST connects to your existing data source(s) to receive customer data in real-time. Switch on automated and personalised direct marketing in a few clicks, creating a 360-degree customer experience that begins online and ends with a postcard or letter in their hands.

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Track and optimise
your Zaps

Connect the custom promotion code and/or QR code shown on the Zap to your Business Intelligence or Analytics account . You can then track the response rate and conversions of each campaign allowing you to optimise your marketing spend.


Simple & flexible

See our monthly pricing plans and calculate your estimated return on investment. Get started today with a zero-commitment trial.

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