Revolution Beauty (RB) is a UK based beauty company founded in 2015. As a longstanding SMARTSlip client, RB were already very familiar with the effectiveness of hyper-personalised printed communication. The one draw-back: they could only use this printed channel to build relationships with their customers after they had purchased.

We had large segments of our data that we either couldn’t connect with via our usual digital channels, or just weren't responding. The results were surprisingly compelling, so much so that we will continue to use the channel to reach specific segments of our customers

ZAP~POST gave RB the opportunity to use this powerful medium to talk to groups of customers they’d previously struggled to connect with via digital channels.

An initial ZAP~POST campaign was sent out to ‘test the water’. 5000 lapsed customers were mailed a ZAP-POST postcard, customised and personalised to each recipient with an exclusive offer. The campaign proved a success, and notably out-performed the other channels which were running concurrently for comparison.

Revolution Beauty were keen to try again with a larger group and to different segments other than just Lapsing customers. The results were even better.

The second send targeted 3 audiences with 3 very different offers and Calls to Action. Defecting customers, Previous Year's Xmas Shoppers and New Customers were all sent personalised Zaps with unique & trackable QR and discount codes, as well as custom imagery to resonate with each segment.

With almost 400% ROAS on these initial campaigns, this was enough proof that Direct Mail was a channel Revolution Beauty needed to utilise on a regular basis. Subsequent monthly ZAP campaigns have delivered consistently positive results, the latest campaigns creating £8 ROAS across some customer segments - results that are almost impossible to achieve via digital channels. ZAP~POST now sits alongside RB’s digital channels to drive conversion, encourage engagement and reward loyal VIP customers.

1.25x Average order value increase £8 ROAS

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