Back in 2010, the idea for CafePod was born over pizza & beers in London. They had a wild vision for changing coffee. Today, over a decade later, they’re still passionately working towards the goal of making high-quality, great-tasting coffee that’s exciting & easy to prepare at home. During this time, CafePod have built up a healthy database of over 150,000 customers and whilst digital marketing was working, they were wanting to get to those customers that had opted-out of receiving email and were no longer engaging.

Direct Mail is definitely a channel we want to exploit. With so many of our customers opting out of receiving digital marketing,
it’s a great way to re-engage with our valued customer base... Given the results of the two trial campaigns, we’ve got 3 or 4 campaign sends planned in (for 2023), focused on new product launches & key promotions throughout the year.
Simon Wren - Digital Director

The answer was to try Direct Mail as a channel. With the experience of running Direct Mail campaigns for some big brands in previous roles, their Digital Director was confident this new channel for Cafe Pod would work. We advised and gave insight into the best way to re-engage with the selected audience and the marketing team created an eye-catching design, a compelling offer with a strong Call to Action (CTA), including a campaign-exclusive QR code and discount to drive customers to a specific landing page for campaign tracking.

The initial test campaign performed well, and subsequently, a follow-up Black Friday campaign was mailed to a larger audience to expand on the initial trial campaign’s success.

6.75x return on investment 12.2% conversion rate

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