(Seriously, the results were so good, they wanted us to remove their logo and details from this case study, which we have duly done.)

This emerging fashion brand aimed at a younger 20-30’s audience has grown rapidly with focus on high quality products using ethically sourced materials to offer their customer base an alternative in the marketplace.

Having used SMARTSlip, the In-parcel personalised marketing solution, to create a strong bond
with their customers post-purchase, the brand were keen to trial’s evolving solution, ZAP~POST - Programmatic, event triggered and targeted Direct Mail - to drive customer action at all other stages of the customer lifecycle, via a marketing channel they had never used before.

They decided to keep it simple with their first ZAP mailer with a minimalistic design and simple message: 10% off for being a loyal customer, mailed to a relatively small trial audience segment. The results blew the marketing team away and they have subsequently sent a number of campaigns of different volumes to different audience segments at various stages of their lifecycle, including VIP’s and Lapsed Customers - tailoring imagery, content and offers every time but always keeping to their brand ethos with a minimalistic design and simple call-to-actions.

As a young brand with a young audience, their formula for success has been making quality products backed up with strong digital marketing strategies. Wanting to take their marketing to the next level, they gave printed, personalised direct mail a chance with ZAP~POST. As a result they are driving sales with a previously unused channel and taking this next step has paid off handsomely - with a 4,000+% Return on Direct Mail spend across the ZAP campaigns they have sent so far. ZAP~POST resides alongside the brands digital
channels to drive conversion, encourage engagement and reward loyal VIP customers giving their customers an omni-channel experience that is clearly working very effectively.

48x return on investment 

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