Face the Future is the go-to beauty destination for those looking for skin and self-care products with a big focus on a personal approach. Through real experience and knowledge, they provide support and advice for their customers lifelong self-care journey.

As a fast-growing business, they were keen to try a new marketing channel that would help them retain and grow their customer base, whilst achieving a higher level of cut-through.  Their digital marketing efforts were working, however some segments of customers were no longer responding to their email, loyalty and SMS efforts, so they wanted to try Direct Mail. In collaboration with eCommerce consultancy Customer First Digital, they reviewed the market to identify a trial partner.

That’s when they found ZAP~POST.


As a digitally savvy business, Face the Future didn't want to do Direct Mail the old way, sending high volumes of generic ‘one size fits all’ mailings to their customers.

Their business is based around a personalised service, making sure they communicate to their customers in the right way and on an individual, one-to-one basis.

So, like with their digital marketing, their Direct Mail had to be personalised to the recipient, targeted to certain segments of their database, and certainly not generic.

They decided to run 3 test campaigns over 3 months, to different customer segments with tailored campaign messaging for each aligned to the audience. Bespoke offers with discount and QR codes were also used, to support the measurement of each campaign. 

They also created a test and control audience, using their CRM data via Ometria, to ensure we could truly measure the incremental uplift in customers retained.

The campaigns were a success, so much so Face the Future have now signed up to a ZAP~POST Annual Membership plan to utilise Direct Mail regularly throughout 2024 to send targeted printed mail on a regular basis as part of their marketing mix.


Whilst Face the Future’s customer retention rate is above industry benchmarks, the team are always keen to trial new initiatives to drive incremental revenue growth. Following a review of the market, it was a no-brainer to choose ZAP~POST. No long-term initial commitments; the ability to trial gave us time to measure the value and secure a longer-term budget. Steve and the team have been there every step of the way to support our trial campaigns and the results speak for themselves. ZAP~POST is now our preferred partner for Direct Mail.

Dave Trolle
Face the Future’s eCommerce Consultant (Customer First Digital)


The numbers that matter

Using the Test and Control methodology developed by Customer First Digital, the trial campaigns were deemed a success, generating:


Increase in incremental orders

Uplift in AOV when comparing to our average

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