Only Curls elevated their Omni-channel marketing for their customers, improving customer retention and increasing conversion with SMARTSlip and ZAP~POST - marketing solutions from Arc-X Media.


Curly girl and founder of Only Curls, Lizzie Carter, started the brand to inspire others to embrace their natural curls.

She began packing orders at her kitchen table in 2016, and has her lovely curly customers to thank for helping the business grow to where it is today.

Only Curls are on a mission to encourage curly-haired people of all textures to ditch the chemicals, forget the straighteners, and start loving their natural curls.

Lizzie and her partner, Hugo, and their team were keen to drive their marketing forward by genuinely connecting with their customers. Whilst enhancing their unboxing experience with their active customers via SMARTSlip, they added personalised Direct Mail via ZAP~POST to the mix to communicate in a more personalised and relevant way with other customer segments.

Only Curls SMARTSlip by

...ZAP~POST was an obvious choice. The campaigns we have sent so far to varying contact segments have seen some incredible results - both for existing and lapsing customers, increasing conversion and allowing us to re-engage with old customers to bring them back.

We will be doing more regular ZAP campaigns throughout the year, utilising the ZAP~POST X Klaviyo integration to automate our Direct Mail sends to support all our digital marketing efforts.

Lizzie (Founder) & Hugo (Co-Founder)


Only Curls wanted to engage with their customers and bring them back time and time again with a unique, in-parcel customer experience.

They turned to to implement SMARTSlip, the in-parcel marketing personalisation solution, which has worked to great effect for them - improving customer retention and enhancing customer LTV. The results have been stellar:
Over a 4 month period

  • 24% of New customers repeat purchased 
  • Over 53% of existing customers purchased again  

Having used this solution to great effect for a year or so, they were keen to start looking at other ways they could further engage with their customers and make them feel special.  

Whilst Only Curls had always used their Email and Social channels to great success, they were looking for a channel that would cut through all the digital noise so turned to us again for Direct Mail powered by ZAP~POST.

A key driver and the next phase of their journey as they have become more established, was to start to reactivate lapsing customers - they had seen how printed and tangible SMARTSlips had worked so effectively in-parcel for existing and new customers so they had a good feeling Direct Mail would also perform well - both for existing and lapsed customer segments.

With the longer-term goal to automate their Direct Mail campaigns regularly by utilising ZAP~POST’s Klaviyo integration, the first few trial campaigns in Q4 2023 were created and sent using the ZAP~POST in-built CSV template wizard. The Black Friday and Christmas ZAP Campaigns Only Curls created and sent via the platform had amazing results.

Using the ZAP App’s native QR code wizard and unique discount codes, they were able to track the success of their Direct Mail sends easily.

Only Curls Lapsed Customer Direct Mail Campaign


The numbers that matter

Only Curls have used data from various segments pulled from their Klaviyo CDP platform for their ZAP campaigns.  With eye-catching creative, and a personalised approach using the ZAP App's in-built personalisation tools, we have been able to track conversion and campaign responses with some truly hair-curling results:

17% Conversion rate

£200,000 + Revenue Generated

1627% ROI

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