As far as the founders of SPOKE were concerned, Menswear wasn’t working for them. In 2014, they set about creating a product and experience that did. They wanted clothes that fit, felt and looked great.
So, they decided to make their own: clothes built for fit, with real craftsmanship.

Over the last 8 years SPOKE has created quite a following, with their customers appreciating the detail
that they go to to create their garments and the ‘personalised’ fit and service.

Using ZAP~POST technology we are able to
personalise every piece of Direct Mail for each individual customer.


With tailored campaigns ranging from obtaining feedback from consumers about the fit of their recent purchases with unique personalised QR codes, to giving them individual offers depending on where they sit in their customer life cycle and what they’ve previously purchased, SPOKE is now able to be extremely agile with their Monthly ZAP mailing campaigns and really give the recipient something unique.

The results speak for themselves.

Response rates, website traffic and conversions are all up, and it’s working well to bring lapsed customers back to the brand. The ZAP campaigns have driven response rates of over 5% across the various customer segments targeted, with all campaigns generating very healthy incremental revenues. ROI for the campaigns using ZAPs has also been impressive with one campaign resulting in over 1300% Return on Marketing Investment.

13x return on investment 5% conversion rate

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