In the world of eCommerce, where digital channels take centre stage, businesses are continually exploring innovative avenues to connect with their customers. Superdry, a forward-thinking Bloomreach customer, observed the success stories of other Bloomreach users harnessing the power of ZAP~POST for their Direct Mail campaigns.

....Superdry decided to embark on a three-month trial with ZAP~POST to test the waters of Automated Direct Mail using recipient data from Bloomreach Engagement Cloud as a strategic channel for customer engagement and sales amplification.

The trial exceeded expectations, compelling Superdry to integrate Direct Mail into its omni-channel strategy. Now, as a testament to the effectiveness of ZAP campaigns, Superdry consistently employs Direct Mail with ZAPs, sending targeted messages multiple times a month to diverse customer segments.

Direct Mail, with its tactile and physical nature, presented a paradigm shift from their accustomed digital
methodologies. While the team was enthusiastic about the potential of this new avenue, they grappled with the intricacies of connecting with audiences that had previously proven elusive through conventional digital channels.  ZAP~POST helped the Superdry team manage the complexities of the Direct Mail world from end to end.


The Abandoned Basket campaigns have emerged as a standout success, boasting a remarkable 200% return on investment. Every pound invested in ZAP-ing this audience translates to an impressive £3 return for Superdry.

from behind
the scenes

Superdry’s foray into the realm of Direct Mail using ZAP~POST has yielded compelling results, unveiling a
nuanced understanding of their customer segments.  Through experimentation and analysis, and using
ZAP~POSTs QR code widget with built-in UTM tracking, Superdry can measure engagement, with certain segments proving to be more receptive and responsive than others.  This dynamic adaptability is a testament to the inherent power of the integration between Bloomreach Engagement Cloud and ZAP~POST, where the ease of A/B split testing becomes a strategic advantage.


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